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OPC Registration

OPC Incorporation is introduced under Company ACT,2013 in India to support the startup which started by single person.In this only one person can start their business and run their business with limited liability provided by the Company ACT,2013 rules.

In OPC only one person can manage their company with limited liability but in this Nominee director is added for the protection of the business and when company director or Owner is disables then Nominee Director will become owner and can manage the Company.

A OPC company turnover will across 2 crore+ then OPC incorporation must be converted to private limited incorporation and must audited financially.

Advantages of a One Person Company

  • Limited Liability :

    Limited Liability implies that the owners or shareholders of the company are not personally liable to pay the business debts.
  • Legal Entity :

    An OPC is a legal entity and a juristic person. It has wide legal capacity and can own property.
  • Single Owner Control :

    Complete control over the company by a single owner is a rare combination. This leads to fast decision making and execution.
  • Lesser Compliance :

    One Person Company (OPC) also gets freedom from complying with many requirements as normally applicable to other private limited Companies.

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